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AS+GG操刀韩国首尔龙山地标龙舞大厦 主塔高450m
2012-05-11 13:43:05   来源:建筑中国俱乐部   

芝加哥,5月10日,2012年,Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill建筑师事务所很高兴宣布龙舞大厦的设计方案,这座混合功能的地标性超高层双塔位于韩国首尔新建的龙山国际商务区内,建筑包括住宅、商住两用房(officetel)和零
ADRIAN SMITH + GORDON GILL建筑师事务所设计龙舞大厦,首尔龙山国际商务区内的双塔综合体
all images courtesy of ADRIAN SMITH + GORDON GILL ARCHITECTURE    感谢AS+GG授权建筑中国俱乐部所有图片及内容。

CHICAGO, May 10, 2012—Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is pleased to announce its design for Dancing Dragons, a pair of landmark supertall mixed-use towers for the new Yongsan International Business District in Seoul, South Korea. The buildings, which include residential, “officetel” and retail elements, consist of slender, sharply angled mini-towers cantilevered around a central core.  The design aesthetic is highly contemporary yet informed by aspects of traditional Korean culture.
芝加哥,5月10日,2012年,Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill建筑师事务所很高兴宣布龙舞大厦的设计方案,这座混合功能的地标性超高层双塔位于韩国首尔新建的龙山国际商务区内,建筑包括住宅、商住两用房(officetel)和零售几个部分,建筑造型由几个纤细而棱角分明的迷你小塔从中央核心挑出构成,这种造型极富现代风格同时也根基于韩国的传统文化。

The mini-towers feature a dramatic series of diagonal massing cuts that create living spaces that float beyond the structure. This recalls the eaves of traditional Korean temples—a design theme echoed both in the geometry of the building skin and the jutting canopies at the towers’ base. The theme is extended in the building skin, which suggests the scales of Korean mythical dragons, which seem to dance around the core—hence the project’s name. (Yongsan, the name of the overall development, means “Dragon Hill” in Korean.)

Dancing Dragons’ scale-like skin is also a performative element. Gaps between its overlapping panels feature operable 600-mm vents through which air can circulate, making the skin “breathable” like that of certain animals. 

Towers 1 and 2—about 450 meters and 390 meters tall, respectively—share an architectural language and, therefore, a close family resemblance, but are not identical. In the taller structure, the 88-level Tower 1, the massing cuts at the top and bottom of the mini-towers are V-shaped. In the 77-level Tower 2, the cuts move diagonally in a single unbroken line; they are also arranged in a radial pattern around the core that is perceptible as viewers move around the tower. 

“There’s a sympathetic and complementary relationship between the two masses at the level of the cuts, almost as though they were dancing,” says Adrian Smith, FAIA, RIBA. “It’s always important for our designs to reflect and interpret the cultures they serve, and the Dancing Dragons complex certainly does that, although in an abstract and highly technological manner. We try to design in a way that is at once beautiful and focused on performance.”
“两座塔楼的体形切割线在形式上相辅相成,就仿佛在跳双人舞”, Adrian Smith FAIA, RIBA介绍说,  “很重要的一点是我们的设计要反映和诠释当地的文化,龙舞综合体的设计用抽象和高技术的方式达到了这一目的,我们的设计试图达到集美观和实用于一身的造型。”

In both buildings, the mini-tower cuts are clad in glass at the top and bottom, making for dramatic skylights above the units at the highest levels and a transparent floor beneath the units at the lowest levels. This offers the opportunity for special high-value penthouse duplex units with spectacular 360-degree views of downtown Seoul and the adjacent Han River, along with an abundance of natural light.

“The abstract recall of the historic structures gives the towers a unique perspective from the ground and the sky while creating unique interior experiences,” says Gordon Gill, AIA. “The shingled texture of the skin is developed with integrated breathable mullions and self-shading cantilevers. It’s a great honor to be joining several other top international architecture firms designing buildings for this remarkable master plan by Studio Daniel Libeskind.” 
Gordon Gill, AIA 介绍说:“来源于传统结构形式的抽象造型,赋予双塔从地面到天空的奇妙景观和独特的室内空间体验。鳞片状建筑外墙由可呼吸的窗棱和悬挑的遮阳叶片组成。我们很荣幸能和其他几家顶级国际建筑事务所一起,承担Daniel Libeskind工作室的杰出的整体规划中的单体建筑设计。”

AS+GG partner Robert Forest, AIA, notes that Dancing Dragons represents AS+GG’s second major project in downtown Seoul. The other is the Head Office of the Federation of Korean Industries, an innovative and highly sustainable office building now under construction and scheduled to be completed next year. “We’re very excited to be making a sustainable contribution to the built environment of Seoul, one of the world’s great cities, in a manner that addresses the need for sustainable high density development while respecting Korean culture,” Forest says. “YIBD, which promises to become one of Seoul’s most dynamic and vital neighborhoods, will be an example of high-quality high-density design, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”
AS+GG 合伙人 Robert Forest, AIA指出,龙舞大厦是AS+GG在首尔市中心做的第二个重要项目,第一个项目是韩国工业联合会总部大楼,这座先进和高度可持续性的建筑现正在施工中,预计明年完工。Forest先生说:“我们很高兴能够在可持续性方面为首尔的城市环境做出贡献,既满足高密度城市开发中的可持续性,又能兼顾对韩国文化的尊重。 首尔是世界大城市之一, 首尔龙山国际商务区致力于成为首尔最具活力和重要性的生活环境,它将成为高质量、高密度设计的样板。能为造就这样的环境做出贡献我们感到非常骄傲。”







The design team also includes PositivEnergy Practice, a Chicago-based engineering and energy consulting firm that is designing a series of innovative building systems for the project. Sustainable features of the building system design include triple-glazed window units, which minimize heat loss; an overlapping exterior wall system, which creates a self-shading effect; and natural ventilation in all units through operable mullions. Other systems include radiant heating; fuel-cell cogeneration units at the basement level; photovoltaic arrays on the roof surfaces; daylight-linked lighting controls; and heat recovery via electric centrifugal chillers.
设计团队还包括芝加哥的工程和能源顾问公司PositivEnergy Practice,他们为龙舞大厦设计了一系列先进的建筑系统。可持续的建筑系统包括热损失最小的三层玻璃窗单元;包括相互重叠的外墙系统,产生遮阳效果;还包括可调节的窗棱使每个单元都能自然通风。其它的系统包括辐射采暖;位于地下室的燃料电池热电联产机组;排列与屋面的太阳能光伏电池板;与日光链接的照明控制系统和通过电动离心式冷水机组的热回收系统。

The structural scheme for Dancing Dragons, developed by AS+GG in collaboration with the international structural engineering firm Werner Sobek, features eight mega-columns that traverse the vertical length of both cores. The mini-towers are hung off the cruciform cores in a balanced fashion by means of a belt truss system, stabilizing the structure.
龙舞大厦的结构设计是AS+GG与国际结构工程公司Werner Sobek联合完成的,八根巨型柱子上下贯通双塔的两个核心,迷你小塔挂在十字形核心上,带式桁架系统使其保持平衡和结构的稳定。

The design of the 23,000-square-meter site—part of the larger Yongsan master plan —reinforces the angular geometry of the building massing and skin.  Landscape features, designed in collaboration with Martha Schwartz Partners, include sloped berms that echo that geometry. The site also includes a retail podium with a crystalline sculptural form and sunken garden that provide access to a large below-grade retail complex.
23000平米的地段设计, 作为龙山总体规划的一部分,采用棱角形的设计强调了建筑造型和外墙的几何特点。景观设计与Martha Schwartz Partners联合完成,斜面的草坡呼应建筑的斜线。地段还包括商业裙房和下沉广场。 商业裙房具有极富晶体雕刻的造型。下沉花园可以通向更大的地下商业中心。

About Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is dedicated to the design of high-performance architecture in a wide range of typology and scale, from low- and mid-rise residential, commercial and cultural buildings to mixed-use supertall towers and new cities. The office uses a holistic, integrated design approach that explores symbiotic relationships with the natural environment. AS+GG is currently working on projects for clients in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Canada and the United States. The partnership was founded in 2006 by Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill and Robert Forest. For more information, please visit www.smithgill.com.
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill 建筑师事务所介绍
Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill 建筑设计事务所致力于提供各种类型和规模的高效能的建筑设计,从低层到中高层住宅,从商业到文化建筑,从混合功能的超高层塔楼到新城设计。公司采用整体和综合的设计方法诠释建筑与自然的共生关系。AS+GG目前正在进行的项目,来自阿联酋、沙特阿拉伯、中国、印度、南朝鲜、马来西亚、加拿大和美国的甲方。AS+GG由三个合伙人Adrian Smith、 Gordon Gill 和 Robert Forest成立于2006年。欲知更多信息,请访问公司网址www.smithgill.com

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